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Digital Hearing Aids / High tech Computerized

Hearing aids Montreal

Hearing aids montreal
Our philosophy is to show and help you find the best hearing solutions to adapt to your specific needs and way of life.

Working with the largest manufacturers in the hearing aid industry, we offer a complete range of prostheses that are amongst the latest in innovation - all are smart and sophisticated and use a single and ultra modern technology.

With our utmost goal in mind to satisfy your needs, our products are so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.

Our commitment is to offer you quality control, hearing, personalized assistance and a regular follow-up. In turn, this will guarantee your optimal comfort.

Rehabilitation with the Auditive Assistances: Prior to discovering your hearing comfort zone, you will require to familiarize yourself to your new sound perception. To guide you in obtaining the success of your auditive correction during this critical stage, we will be there with you to explain how to use your prostheses and what you can expect of them.
Our products: We work independently and carry all ranges of universal hearing aids.
Hearing aids repairing montreal
Technical help: Bluetooth system, Infrared, Telephone, FM system.
Custom ear plugs: noise breaker, musician ear plugs and swimming ear plugs.
Repair: We repair hearing aids of all brands and models.

Maintenance products - batteries : The maintenance of your hearing aids is of utmost importance. Our cleaning products are adapted accordingly to each type.

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Hearing Aids Montreal

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